Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy at Breathe Health Center

It is on this subject that I’d like to introduce to you our Low-Level Light Therapy, also known as Cold Laser Therapy, This form of healing has been advanced over the last 50 years, and is a non-heat-producing, safe, non-invasive form of effective healing.

Our cutting-edge laser, which incorporates four distinct and unique spectrums of light, addresses the primary elements of healing. These four spectrums of light are utilized simultaneously to assist and promote healing.

Laser therapy exponentially increases your healing rate. Cold laser therapy has proven beneficial for a wide range of human conditions and ailments.

Some of those conditions for which a laser can be helpful:

•Frozen Shoulder
•Plantar Fasciitis
•Back/ Neck pain
•Muscle/ligament strains
•Chronic/acute pain
•Sports-related injuries
•Neuropathic pain syndromes
•Metabolic disorders

Healing is a body function, and physiologically, we humans all have a similar healing mechanism. We all, however, are at different places in our healing journey. What is true for every step of the journey is that our bodies need energy to heal. Healing is a physiological body function. Like walking, breathing, processing food, thinking, talking and moving blood, healing is a function that requires energy.

The human body is designed to heal itself. Our bodies go through healing shifts. We have a renewable and adequate supply of energy if the proper amount of fuel present.

Body absorbs outside source of light/energy on a cellular level, into the cell, converting energy source to ATP, the bio-chemical form of energy used by our bodies, increasing one’s specific healing rate exponentially.

Our bodies often are left without the necessary energy to carry out adequate healing functions. When our bodies are functioning efficiently, in times of good health and limited stress, energy production is not a problem. In times when our bodies are wounded, stressed and lacking sufficient healing energy, Laser therapy can boost your energy levels, resulting in speedier healing.

Our treatments meet you where you are on your healing path. We all heal at different rates depending on your health issue and we are all at different places on our healing path. Similar treatments may have profound and different effects depending on where you are on your health path.

The laser therapy will decrease inflammation, increase circulation decrease pain and increase movement and feeling within the local area of treatment. This provides comfort in the short term. Additionally the laser is providing the necessary light source to increase ATP production, energy-building on a cellular level, which will help hasten the patient’s healing rate. This advances the cause of actual healing, or long-term comfort and relief.

Many modalities offer the promise of either short-term relief or actual healing, but laser therapy offers both. Like all modalities offered at the Breathe Health Center, Laser therapy serves the function of helping our patients tap into the innate healing wisdom of their own bodies.

Laser penetrates up to 7 cm deep into your body nearly 3 inches, sometimes reaching the bones, stimulating blood cell proliferation, depending on area of the body.

Healing is a physiological process all humans have in common. Cell respiration is important to support and maintain the energy necessary to heal.

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