Downtown Berkeley Clinic debuting Community-Access, Affordable Care Sessions on Earth Day, April 22

Breathe Health Center & Services is launching its Community-Access Healthcare Program on Sat. April 22 from 12-4pm. We will offer chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage, and oxygen therapy to patients, on a sliding fee-scale. The clinic is located conveniently in downtown Berkeley at the corner of University and Shattuck Avenues, one block north of the Berkeley BART Station.

Holistic care can be price-prohibitive for many healthy-minded people in search of relief for their ailments. The Community-Access Day is an opportunity to provide affordable quality holistic care for patients with hardships accessing this traditionally pricey care. All patient donations will be used to expand and continue the access services, which are needed more than ever in these stressful and uncertain healthcare times.

Services are open to anyone, but appointments will have priority. Depending on availability, we will be able to accommodate walk-in and stand-by patients. Initially, we will host Community-Access Day once a month, increasing in frequency as funding allows.

Breathe Health Center is an Alternative Holistic clinic focusing on educating its patients about the disease process, its causes and treatments, and how to live an informed lifestyle, making routine choices prioritizing your vital health. We stress the importance of making the connections that everything we do, experience, and are exposed to in life are contributors to our overall state of health.

Each of our services will have a suggested range of donation. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Come join us from 12-4pm

Community-Access Day Services

Chiropractic adjustments Massage Therapy
Oxygen Therapy Acupuncture
Nutritional Counseling Discounted Supplements & care supplies

If interested in making an appointment for care, call (510) 525-9900, or email us at

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