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Breathe Health Center Philosophy is bio-energetically centered. We look to the wisdom of the body and our vital life energy as the guide for promotion of optimal health. 4 years ago Dr. Curcuruto set forth her health postulate that through Oxygenation of the body, dis-ease is eliminated and homeostasis restored. In English, Oxygen promotes healing and eliminates disease.

chiropractorAs a Doctor of Chiropractic, I already understand that dysfunction and disease cannot live in an Oxygenated environment. When stress is present in the body either Chemical, Physical or Emotional it creates Inflammation which creates Hypoxia (lack of Oxygen). When there is a lack of Oxygen, there is a lack of energy for the necessary physiologic processes to run a healthy body. When there is a lack of energy there is a breakdown in function, which is fertile breeding ground for dysfunction and disease.

What sets Breathe Health Center aside from other Chiropractic offices is our background in Reichian philosophy, principle, understanding and therapeutic application. We understand that when we inhibit the natural biorhythms and expression of the body, we inhibit the body’s ability to maintain proper oxygenation and therefore predispose ourselves towards dysfunction and ultimately disease.

Our bodies will never lie to us; our job is to help interpret the language.

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