Car Accident Victims

Have you been in a car accident within the last 6 months?

Are you suffering with:

• Neck, back or low back pain

• Arm and/or leg pain

• Limited range of motion

• Difficulty walking

• Headaches

• Difficulty sleeping

We can help, WITH NO COST TO YOU!!

WE have been treating people who have been in auto accidents for over 13 years.

Our Doctors have expert knowledge of the types of biomechanical soft tissue and structural injuries automobile accidents incur.

Our treatments have proven highly effective in alleviating pain and restoring function.

We help to restore you back to pre-injury/accident state through:

• Chiropractic

• Oxygen Therapy

• Electro/stim Therapy

• Cold Laser Therapy

• Myofascial release

• Vitamin supplementation


Time is of the essence, your health and recovery is dependent on it!

Breathe Health Center and Services


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