WholeLife Health Group Reichian Therapy

Release the Body and your mind and life will follow

Are you happy, healthy and satisfied with your life, relationships? Are you happy, healthy and satisfied with your life and life’s relationships? Are you fulfilled and thriving? Have you ever felt that you wanted to scream and/or cry, and you just couldn’t do it, or didn’t know how to access those feelings?

Whole-Life Health Group Reichian Therapy is THE emotional-release therapeutic modality for those who are finally ready to make life-changing progressive strides to living a healthy happy satisfying, fulfilled connected exceptionally pleasurable life.

We are meant to feel; that is why we have a nervous system. The simple understanding is: The nervous system, governed by the brain, is a very complicated and intricate web of string-like structures that propagate energy at different frequencies and vibrations, activating the body into some form of response. The brain communicates to the body and the body communicates to the brain via the nervous system.

The nervous system controls how quickly we adapt to any, and all, of life’s situations. The nervous system is communicating with our consciousness at all times. Our duty to ourselves is to recognize the language used by the body.

The exquisite language of the body is feelings, emotions, and the subtlety of intuitive thought. We are born with the ability to express the language of the body without shame, anxiety or ‘thinking’ it inappropriate. We are taught to believe that the natural language of the body, feelings, emotions and expression, are bad and negative and that there is something wrong if we can’t ‘think’ our way through and around a feeling/emotional expression.

This is the furthest thing from the biologic truth!

There is a cycle to everything living. This cycle can be viewed from the standpoint of energetic life flow.  The ever-present repeating pattern of life is: TENSION, CHARGE, DISCHARGE, and RELAXATION. This is the cycle of life in everything.

The nervous system oversees this life cycle as one of its many functions. As long as we are able to follow the cycle without impediment, we can remain healthy, happy, fulfilled and full of pleasure. When the cycle is disrupted, there is a pooling in the energetic flow.

What that means is, if the tension/charge is not allowed to discharge (i.e crying, screaming, yelling, full-body orgasm etc.), what results is a back-up, or pooling, of charged energy.

The un-discharged energy causes stress in the nervous system. Stress in the nervous system eventually has physical manifestations. These manifestations lead to dissatisfaction, dysfunction, pain, depression and disease.

We are forced to learn early in life that our feelings/emotional expressions and intuition are not acceptable in society. Accordingly, we are forced to learn how to weigh and measure our natural responses through our intellect, which prevents us from freely responding.

The body will NOT be controlled like that without its own response. When we try to stifle the response/language we cause a break in the cycle of life.

For example, this cycle is broken when children are prevented from crying. Regardless of the reasons, when a child is stifling his natural emotional cry response, strength to tighten against the wave of natural feeling and need to express. This causes a severe disruption in the ‘discharge’ of life cycle. Over time, we learn that ‘releasing’ via crying, even though it is a natural response to stress, is inappropriate, even shameful. We learn to ‘think’ our way out of feeling, causing the unexpressed feelings and emotions to pool together in an armor-like fashion throughout our bodies.

Just because you don’t cry, and the ‘feeling’ seems to dissipate, that the energy leading up to the point of natural discharge is gone, energy never just disappears; it takes on a new form.

The energy has to go somewhere; the most seemingly effective place is the musculature. As we age and continue holding back the natural flow of emotions, it is not only our muscles that harden with unexpressed feelings and emotions, but so do our character structure, general health, thinking and disposition. We come more disconnected from our bodies, our lives and our pleasures.


We all have the innate capacity to be healthy, happy, functionally thriving human beings.

The only thing preventing you…is you.

WholeLife Health Group Reichian therapy was created to help you remember the language of your body and relearn how to express your health the way your body was meant to.

I created the WholeLife Health Group Reichian therapy format based on my personal and clinical education, experiences and life. I am a third-generation chiropractor as well as third-generation Reichian therapist, which means I understand the only way to truly heal is through the nervous system, which controls everything!

Oxygen, movement and natural expression are key to living the life you want, along with experiencing the unbelievable pleasure of which your body is capable. The reality is, all your symptoms (whatever they may be) can be traced to having stuck energy somewhere in the expression of the life cycle. We all present with our own personal agonies, pains and reasons we are unhappy, unhealthy and unsatisfied.

The way to change and move through whatever symptoms you are experiencing is to address the lack of movement and the stagnancy in the life cycle. We do this through the specific breathing, sounds and movements of Reichian therapy.

The group experience is exceptionally powerful, preventing complacency in the therapeutic process. It is easy to avoid feeling/expression/pleasure, we have been taught to do it for years. We tighten to the experience, mostly unconsciously, and stop ourselves from feeling and fully expressing ourselves.

Within the group it is not so easy to avoid. You can’t escape the movement and expression of the other participants, which actually lends itself to a greater sense of support and comfort, creating a safe place for you to truly let go and release.

I like to refer to the therapy as ‘Scream’/Emotional-Release Therapy. The modality encourages individuals to reach deep within themselves and release the locked emotions held in place by the stress created by life.

Whole-Life Health Group Reichian Therapy is conducted in small groups. 24-hour notice of cancellation is necessary otherwise you will be charged for appt. If there is no room in the group you want at the time you want, you will be put on a waiting list and contacted when a space becomes available.

Times are limited:

Mon:       6:30-7:20p.m  and  7:30-8:20p.m

Wed:       6:30-7:20p.m and   7:30-8:20p.m

Thu:       6:30-7:20p.m  and   7:30-8:20p.m

We will periodically host a complimentary hour-and-a-half introductory Whole-Life Health Group Reichian therapy session, at which you can learn more, and experience a taste of what this therapy has to offer.

Please make sure to leave your email address so you may be contacted with times and dates of our upcoming events.

Please bring a pillow to scream into, and a towel or blanket on which to lie. This therapy is conducted on the floor. Yoga mats will be provided. If you want something with more cushion, please bring it.

Space is limited, so please call today to reserve your spot. 510-525-9900