breathe practionersBreathe Health Center and Services is a clinic dedicated to healing and educating its patients to be their own best health advocate and (food pharmacist)?. Our practitioner collective is a diverse team of chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and exercise leaders who are supportive of one another, and maintain a rotation of part-time hours in our warm & welcoming facility, which also houses the Breathe Zone oxygen lounge. The clinic is located, one block North of the Berkeley BART Station, at the intersection of Shattuck and University Avenues.

We are looking for relaxed, alive and exceptional care practitioners to participate in one of 2 ways:

Option I: Join our Practitioner Collective. We operate on a 60-40 split. You receive 60 percent.

The 40 percent paid to BHC covers:

  • Rent in amazing downtown Berkeley location
  • PG&E, Garbage and Water
  • Phone, Fax, copy
  • Office cleaning
  • Slip & Fall Insurance
  • Office supplies: i.e. Sheet service, massage creams and lotions
  • Access to the many healing tools we utilize (i.e. Oxygen, WholeLife Health protocols, physiotherapeutic modalities, cold laser, diabetic neuropathy abatement, myofascial cupping tools, Yoga mats, pillows, blankets & more)
  • Participation in our social media, exposure outreach events & other advertising
  • Membership to our WholeLife Health Comfort Collective*
  • Access to reception and scheduling
  • Access to MVA and or Personal Injury accident cases
  • Financial bonuses and other earning opportunities

Option II: Independent Contractor room rental. Depending on your time and need, we negotiate a fair price and you schedule and treat your own patients with your own supplies, and leave the room clean.

For more information, or to schedule an initial meeting, call (510) 525-9900 for Dr. Mia Curcuruto or Moishke. Ideal meeting times are Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons.


We will make available bonuses if interested in participating and spreading the word of the services we offer.


*Please keep in mind, the practitioner collective has first priority and if need be we will terminate month to month.


What is the legal difference between employee and independent contractor?

Is there another designation?

  • Rent, PG&E, Water, garbage, slip and fall insurance

Practitioner responsible for their own:

  • Phone, Fax
  • Cleaning
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Reception and scheduling


Downtown Berkeley Clinic debuting Community-Access, Affordable Care Sessions on Earth Day, April 22

Breathe Health Center & Services is launching its Community-Access Healthcare Program on Sat. April 22 from 12-4pm. We will offer chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage, and oxygen therapy to patients, on a sliding fee-scale. The clinic is located conveniently in downtown Berkeley at the corner of University and Shattuck Avenues, one block north of the Berkeley BART Station.

Holistic care can be price-prohibitive for many healthy-minded people in search of relief for their ailments. The Community-Access Day is an opportunity to provide affordable quality holistic care for patients with hardships accessing this traditionally pricey care. All patient donations will be used to expand and continue the access services, which are needed more than ever in these stressful and uncertain healthcare times.

Services are open to anyone, but appointments will have priority. Depending on availability, we will be able to accommodate walk-in and stand-by patients. Initially, we will host Community-Access Day once a month, increasing in frequency as funding allows.

Breathe Health Center is an Alternative Holistic clinic focusing on educating its patients about the disease process, its causes and treatments, and how to live an informed lifestyle, making routine choices prioritizing your vital health. We stress the importance of making the connections that everything we do, experience, and are exposed to in life are contributors to our overall state of health.

Each of our services will have a suggested range of donation. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Come join us from 12-4pm

Community-Access Day Services

Chiropractic adjustments Massage Therapy
Oxygen Therapy Acupuncture
Nutritional Counseling Discounted Supplements & care supplies

If interested in making an appointment for care, call (510) 525-9900, or email us at breathehealthcenter@gmail.com.

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What Is Cold Laser Therapy, And How Can It Work For You?

cold laser therapy berkeley caCold Laser Therapy uses light to stimulate the body’s cells and cause them to accelerate the healing process. Also called Low Level Laser Therapy, this form of treatment has been used successfully since 1967.

But what does that mean to you? The Chiropractors at Breath Health Center and Services in Berkeley CA often use a cold laser to aid in healing. This wand-like device emits a light at a specific wavelength and frequency to affect cells, but it does not feel warm to the touch. When cells are exposed to this laser light, cell functions are stimulated, improving the immune system function, increasing collagen synthesis and enhancing tissue regeneration.

In chiropractic practice, cold laser therapy has been shown to be effective in treating inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis. The use of laser therapy also accelerates the healing of connective tissue disorders such as sprains, strains and tendonitis. It has also proven effective in reducing or managing chronic or acute pain in the neck and back. Lasers have also been used to treat muscle injuries or bruises, as well as neurological injuries such as herniated or ruptured discs. Chiropractors also use laser therapy to increase the patient’s range of motion, and increase the strength of damaged muscle tissue.

The benefits of cold laser therapy over drugs or surgery are obvious; it is a safe, pain and drug free treatment that is non-invasive and has no known side effects. Using cold laser therapy has cut rehabilitation time in half for many patients. It can be used immediately after the injury happens, and results are quickly perceived by patients.

If you are interested in learning more about Cold Laser Therapy, and if it can help to treat your conditions, give us a call at Breathe Health Center and Services.

How Do I Know If I Need a Chiropractor?

berkeley chiropractorThere is a huge misconception that Chiropractors only treat only back problems. While they do focus on the spine- neck to lumbar- and the surrounding tissues, they actually treat the entire musculoskeletal system. A well-functioning spine brings the whole body should be into balance. Chiropractors treat back pain, pregnancy pain, headaches, sports injuries and injuries from accidents. They are trained in a variety of non-invasive techniques to treat your symptoms in the most natural way possible.

But, how do you know that you need to see a chiropractor? What symptoms or injuries are they most effective at treating?

1. Joint Pain– Pain in the back and other joints is one of the most common health complaints, and causes the most missed work days. Using different manipulation techniques, Chiropractors treat pain in any joint of the body.

2. Headaches– Chiropractors are very effective at treating migraine headaches. Spinal manipulation improves symptoms as well as, or even better than common prescription medication.

3. Injury from Auto Accidents– While whiplash is the most common injury sustained in an auto accident, other areas of the body can be affected as well. At Breathe Health Center and Services, our Chiropractors work together with the other practitioners to treat each patient for any injury associated with car accidents, at no cost to you.

4. Pregnancy– Adding 30 pounds to the average woman during pregnancy adds extra stress to the body from the back to the ankles, knees and feet. It also results in a greater spinal curvature in the lower back, and changes to the pelvis. Chiropractors are trained to work with pregnant woman to carefully adjust the spine, administer soft tissue therapy and teach therapeutic exercises designed to reduce pain and stress in pregnancy.

5. Athletic Injury– Athletes are prone to frequent injury. Using Laser Therapy and Active Release Technique, in addition to manipulation, chiropractors are able to treat new injuries as well as term problems in the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and joints.
Remember, chiropractors use a drug-free approach to healing. While they are not “anti-traditional medicine”, they recommend drugs or surgeries only as a last resort. Most chiropractors will collaborate with your allopathic physician, as well as other health professionals. Here at Breathe Health Center and Services, we have a team of Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, massage therapists and others to help you get back to health.

If you are still unsure, or have any questions about chiropractic care, give us a call. We would be happy to talk to you about how we could bring you back to health.

Chiropractic Care for Osteoarthritis

Chiropractic Care for OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis is a chronic disease caused by wear and tear on the joints. Because our
population is aging, and the rates of obesity are increasing, we are seeing more and more Osteoarthritis in the general population. In fact, it is estimated that 50% of the population over 55 has some form of the disease. By realigning joints so they move properly, Chiropractors are able to slow their degeneration, and ease pain and suffering.
A normally functioning joint moves easily, supported by a cushion of firm, rubbery cartilage that enables the bones to glide smoothly over one another. When the cartilage of the joint breaks down with age, the synovial fluid leaks out allowing the bones rub against each other. This rubbing causes pain, stiffness and swelling.
Symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain, swelling, stiffness and crepitus, which is a term for the popping or clicking sound that the joint makes when the ends of the bones in the joint rub together. The first sign that you may have osteoarthritis is waking up most mornings with stiffness in the joints that improves over the course of the day. Pain might get worse when you are active, and improve when you are rested.
While any of the body’s joints may be affected, the most commonly affected joints are in the knees, hips and hands. These are the joints that bear the greatest loads, and do the most work.
Currently, there is no cure for osteoarthritis, but there are things you can do to slow it down and alleviate the pain. The least invasive and most successful treatments involve changes to diet and lifestyle in conjunction with chiropractic care. Eating whole fresh foods and losing weight will take much of the pressure and stress off of your joints. Regular light exercise like walking or swimming can strengthen muscles that support joints.
Studies have shown that chiropractic treatment can increase range of motion, improve joint coordination, relax tense muscles and reduce pain. Chiropractors can also recommend exercises and stretches to target your specific needs. They will help alleviate the pain without having to resort to excessive pain medications.

Chiropractic Care for Osteoarthritis – Breathe Health Center

At Breathe Health Center and Services, our trained chiropractors use a variety of safe and gentle methods to return your joints to proper alignment, and give you back a life without joint pain.

Water Consumption for Health

Water Consumption for Health Our bodies are made up of around 60% water, which makes it an essential component for good health. But does it really need to be water? Can’t we just substitute soda, coffee and juice? Truth is, not really. Those liquids might keep us hydrated, but they don’t have the same health benefits as water, and some might even be dehydrating!

We can survive a month without food, but after only a week without water, we would die. The body uses water to absorb nutrients and salts, and then uses water to transport nutrients and oxygen to our body’s cells and organs. Water is also essential for detoxification, which is vitally important to our health, since it clears our bodies of impurities. Water does this through urine and sweat.

Because the kidneys filter out waste products from the blood via urination, it is a good idea to up your water intake to help the kidneys out, especially when it’s hot! If the concentration of our urine is high (dark or bright yellow urine is a sign), and the water content is low, salts can cause stones to form in the kidneys.
We are at serious risk of sunstroke if our bodies become dehydrated. When we sweat, the sweat cools our body down. If we allow ourselves to get dehydrated, our bodies can’t sweat. This can cause over-heating which can seriously damage the body’s internal organs and brain.
Water intake can also help prevent high blood pressure. When our body excretes and loses more than the optimal amount of liquid, blood vessels constrict, causing blood pressure to increase. If blood pressure is increased by a deficiency in water, the constricted blood vessels cause the heart to work harder to compensate for the reduced volume of blood. Greater consumption of water means less stress on the blood vessels, less stress on the heart, and a decreased risk of heart disease.
If you are drinking enough water your skin stays hydrated and much younger looking. In fact, sagging and wrinkled skin can be a symptom of dehydration. Water allows your body to sweat and clean out the pores, leaving your skin clean and clear. Also, water will fill you up and help cut into those hunger pains. Since water has zero calories, you can drink all you want to help control your weight.
Drinking water does not have to be a chore. It seems like lately everyone has a cup of coffee or bottle of soda near them. Swap it out for a bottle of water. Make the water taste better by adding lemon slices, cucumber slices or mint to it. You may feel like you miss the soda at first, but in no time at all, you can replace that sugary habit with water. Studies have proven that keeping the bottle of water near you will result in an increase of water consumption, without an increase in effort.

Call us for an appointment at Breathe Health Care and Services and we can talk more about how much water you should be drinking.

Water Consumption for Health

Can Your Chiropractor Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy?

It’s fairly common for a pregnant woman to suffer from low back pain. After all, you are carrying another person (although a very small person) inside of you. The added weight not only presses against your hips and spine, it causes you to shift your posture which throws the spine out of alignment. The result is discomfort and pain.

Is it safe to see a Chiropractor for an adjustment during Pregnancy?

pregnant chiropracticThe simple answer is YES! Not only is a chiropractic adjustment safe for pregnant women, in 97% of pregnant women it has caused a significant decrease in pain. This isn’t just wishful thinking. Several prominent medical journals, such as Chiropractic Medicine and Obstetric Gynecological Survey have published studies not only proving the effectiveness, but also insuring the safety of adjustments.

Think about these statistics-
-57 – 69% of women complain of low back pain during pregnancy
-Only about 32% of women report these symptoms to their primary doctor
-Only about 25% of primary doctors recommend seeking treatment for the pain.

That means there are a lot of women in unnecessary pain during their pregnancy. Pain they are not sharing with their primary care physician. Pain is not good for the mother, or the baby.

Chiropractic treatments can be quite effective for pregnancy-related back pain with just a few visits for the majority of women seeking help.

To make this perfectly clear-
-Yes, chiropractic treatment is safe during pregnancy.
-Yes, chiropractic treatment helps common musculoskeletal problems during pregnancy (including back pain).
-You don’t need to be skeptical of all those women in the park who are telling you chiropractic treatment works, it does.
-Yes, you should tell your primary care physician and obstetrician that you are receiving Chiropractic care during pregnancy. Then encourage them to spread the word to other patients!

Hopefully this information eased your mind a bit, and gave you hope that many pregnant women do get significant, rapid relief from low back pain. If you are currently pregnant with low back pain, you may still have a few questions not answered by this article. Perhaps you’ve never had chiropractic care before or you want to know how we adjust our techniques to work with pregnant patients. The best way to get answers to your questions is with an initial consultation.
Come see us at Breathe Health Center and Services. Call us at 510-525-9900, or go online at http://www.breathehealthcenterandservices.com/ to schedule an appointment today.


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Recovery after an Automobile Injury: Your Chiropractor Can Help

car crashAirbags, seat belts, and car frames designed to crumple while protecting the driver are keeping us all safer in our cars. Although they are essential for saving lives, these protective features can actually mask injuries from a car accident. Even in cases where drivers and passengers walk away from a wreck believing they’re “uninjured”, accidents can have profound, long-lasting health consequences for those involved. It’s not uncommon for some types of symptoms to appear only gradually days or weeks after the impact. This can seriously delay effective diagnosis and treatment. It’s also possible for symptoms to come and go, making it more difficult to associate them with the accident.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to safeguard your health and improve your chances for a full recovery following an auto accident. Clinical studies have demonstrated that chiropractic care can shorten recovery time and decrease the amount of permanent physical damage sustained in a collision.
Naturally, You Must Take Care of First Things First.
Always address any life-threatening injuries first. If you experience (or have reason to suspect) significant bleeding or bruising, broken bones, internal pain, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, or shock, you should seek immediate help from healthcare professionals who specialize in treating trauma injuries. Remember, Chiropractors don’t hand out band aids!
Recognize Signs that You May Be at Increased Risk of Developing Chronic Problems.
-A prior history of back, neck or shoulder problems (including previous injury).
-Distinct numbness, tingling or pain immediately following an accident.
-Increased muscle tension or reduced range of motion after the crash.
-You were involved in a rear-end collision.
-Your head was turned at the moment of impact.
-You have symptoms that don’t resolve or that become generalized.
Visit your Chiropractor as Soon as Possible After an Accident.
Do this even if you don’t think you’ve been hurt very badly. A jolt to the muscular skeletal system does not always manifest as pain. It’s possible that the accident just shifted things enough to eventually lead to serious issues. Research has shown that early intervention in the form of chiropractic adjustment, massage and supervised exercise and stretching programs can make a big difference in longer-term function.
Chiropractic Care and Exercise Can Help You Heal

Exercise and stretching programs are designed to help prevent future injuries and are an important part of a balanced treatment plan. Activity encourages blood flow to the injured area and promotes healing. It also helps prevent or reduce scar tissue formation and maintain range of motion, so stay active!

An auto accident can affect your health (and your lifestyle) for years if you don’t receive the proper treatment. So if you or someone you care about has been injured in a collision, please call us at Breathe Health Center and Services or login to our website, to make an appointment today.
Chiropractic care can help put you on the Road to Recovery!


High Heels and Your Back – Chiropractic Solutions

high heals and back painThere is nothing sexy about a bad back. Those high heeled shoes with the 4 inch heels may look fabulous in the fashion magazines, but on your feet they will shift your center of gravity a way that is NOT sexy at all. Wearing high heels causes your pelvis to tip forward, which forces the muscles in your hips, thighs and lower back to work harder, not in a good way! Overworking your muscles in this way can cause spasms and tightness. It also curves your lower back, making the buttocks stick out. Curving your lower spine is painful.
Consider also, the longer you wear high heels, the more your body posture adapts to it. Some muscles may be working harder, but other important muscles are going unused, and becoming weaker. Those gluteal muscles and hip flexors, muscles responsible for raising your knee to your chest go unusually tight, and cause back pain. The muscle tension actually shortens the muscles, which then pull at the lower back. Combine this with sitting at a desk job, and you have a double threat.
Still willing to suffer for beauty? Try a few of these things to try to reduce long-term damage to your back.

1. Stretch your hip flexors regularly- Keeping them stretched can reduce back pain. Try this exercise- Kneel on one knee on the floor with the foot of the extended leg slightly forward of the knee. Then move your hips slowly forward so your knee is over your foot. You should feel a gentle stretch in the hip of the kneeling leg. Hold 20-30 seconds, do twice each side.
2. Choose a lower heel- A heel of 2 inches or less will still look elegant without stressing your musculoskeletal system.
3. Tighten your abdominal muscles- A strong core will help to maintain good posture, and take some of the load from your upper body off of your back. Consider practicing yoga or pilates.
4. Have regular Chiropractic Treatment- At Breathe our experienced Chiropractor can realign a spine pulled out of alignment by high heels and suggest appropriate exercises to strengthen weak muscles. We also have a fun Gimp-ilates class to help you strengthen your core.
Good health is a combination of many factors including your nutrition, preventative care, appropriate corrective care and the small choices you make every day in the course of living. If you have questions about this article, your general or spinal health, please ask. We at Breathe Health Center and Services are here to help!

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Oxygen Therapy at Breathe

oxygen therapyOxygen is essential for life. Oxygen works to break down toxins. Our environment, our food, and the very air we breathe is loaded with toxins that take hold in our bodies. At the very least, our body loses its ability to function optimally, but at their worst, toxins can cause serious illness.

Oxygen therapy intensifies the amount of oxygen we take in and helps our bodies break down and eliminate these toxins. The most obvious effects of oxygen therapy happen in the lungs where it is exchanged for carbon dioxide, the “waste gas” of respiration.

But other essential organs are helped by oxygen therapy as well. As the oxygen fills the lungs, it enters the blood stream and attaches to toxins that are polluting our system. Oxygen rich blood travels through our arteries to the heart, and to the brain. Memory and concentration are improved as impurities are flushed out of the system.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the Lungs are paired organs with the Large Intestine. Oxygen Therapy is essential to this relationship. The Large Intestine accumulates toxins daily, and the poisons are intensified by the processed foods we eat. Our intestines get gunked up by environmental poisons, and work as well as sludgy, slow draining pipes. Flushing those poisons from our system gives the body the strength it needs to get healthy. Oxygen therapy taken through the lungs is passed to the rest of the organs. Oxidizing the intestinal toxins will remove those toxins that line our intestinal walls.

It is impossible to completely avoid the pollutants that surround us in our industrial society. Toxins hide in the food we eat and the air we breathe. They gather inside us causing an overall weakening of our bodies and mines, and can lead to serious illness. Give your body a chance to fight these poisons with Oxygen Therapy. Our relaxing Oxygen Lounge an ideal place to relax and Breathe.

Take Advantage of Oxygen Therapy in our Oxygen Lounge at Breathe Health Center

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