Randy K. Sugawara, Ph.D.


Dr. Randy Sugawara holds a doctorate in counseling psychology with a secondary emphasis on organization development. He is the founder of the QiRecovery™ program and is recognized as a leader in developing and implementing integrative health modalities with an emphasis on preventive healing practices. His program offers a unique educational model for clients in recovery from chemical dependency. Randy’s clients are seen as students re-learning the importance of self-care, changing their old patterns of addiction to a new healthier and more vibrant way of life.

Corporate Clients

As a health psychologist, Dr. Sugawara’s stress management trainings in Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong have been implemented under corporate wellness programs at Chiron, Novartis and Genentech pharmaceuticals, the County of South San Francisco, and several community classes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He has lectured and presented at psychology graduate programs, CBO professional clinician’s trainings, boutique consultant engagements, and health and wellness conferences.

National Facilitations

Dr. Sugawara has collected data for various Federal, State, and county government projects including launching the first National Library of Medicine’s Asian and Pacific Islanders Users Board Conference. In mental health, he facilitated recovery groups and launched the first program on complementary and integrative medicine to a nationally recognized inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol recovery program.

International Facilitations

In addition to his fieldwork in psychology, Dr. Sugawara facilitated and recorded international business sessions for American and European multinationals on breakthrough discoveries in academia and technology. He designed brainstorming courses for Next Generation Technologies utilizing product design teams integrating ethnographic systems with traditional creativity exercises.

Teaching Style

Embracing the love for teaching, Randy received a TESOL certification to broaden his capacities as an educator. Central to his pedagogy is to teach to the student and not to the lesson. Randy has taught English as a second language at both the local community and at international programs for refugees from Africa, South America, and South East Asia. Randy’s health education program on mind-body-spiritual healing is instilled with his practice as a holistic health counselor. Sensitive to not only the learning styles of his students, Randy also teaches in the student’s own elected environments to infuse self learning.

Innovations in Teaching

Randy created an innovative program for high school teens at a charter school teaching them calming and mindfulness techniques to improve their desire for learning, reduce stress, improve focus, and to promote self-respect. Breaking the stereotypical notion that autistic students needed constant stimulation or overt monitoring, Randy also successfully taught autistic students to relax at will, sit quietly for up to five minutes, and to attentively follow their peers and the teachers in communal activities.

Kinesthetic Learning & Cognitive Reflections

Therapeutic dialogue has been the consensus for most people to identify psycho-social problems and what needs to be changed, but the actual changing attempts are the hard part. Recognized world wide, Equine Guided Education (EGE), utilizes horses to make the change effort deeply transformative. Randy is a certified EGE instructor and guides the person into his or her own exploration, resourcefulness, and commitment to change. In the EGE approach, clients work with horses to explore their inner courage to experientially change and to gain insights that may not be available through talk alone. Horses are by nature sensitive to who leads them. They want the assurance that where they are going is safe and what will keep their herd thriving. Horses are able to keenly sense the relationship between the person leading them and where that person wants to go. Accordingly, horses are a great training companion helping to groom one’s leadership character and to fashion confidence and clarity in purpose and deeds.

Private Practice

Currently in private practice Randy counsels teens and adults coping with digital social media stressors, addictions, and alcohol and drug relapse. He uses discrete in vivo reality based guidance and training. He is also the founder and CEO of the QiRecovery™ program, which offers a variety of life transforming services, trainings, one-one tutoring, and soon, mobile applications, for people in recovery.

Dr. Sugawara’s continuing projects include his annual self-healing retreat focusing on life transitions, self-discovery, and leadership coaching. This retreat takes clients on a transcendent journey to a sanctuary to renew a spirit of self-inquiry. The journey combines a rejuvenation track to reinvigorate a quest for joy, health, and bliss through savoring healing foods, cleansing meditations, and beneficial toning exercises. Clients will magnify their own creative juices, gain clarity of life’s purpose, and adopt union with the community of the clients she or he travels with.

His work on self-healing is promoted in his dvd, Qigong for Beginners – Level One, and he is working on the dvd and book, Qigong for Intermediates – level two, to be released in 2016. He has trained in the internal martial arts for half his life and has applied his energy work since 1998. Randy continues to study Intuitive Healing with Phyllis Pay, and apprentices under Lama Ngakpha Dorje.